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Hydrotherapy Suite

Access the state-of-the-art Hydrotherapy Suite with a variety of heat experiences: €20 Per Person

  • Steam Room
  • Herb Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Adventure Showers
  • Foot Spas
  • Salt Grotto
  • Ice Fountain

Guests who have booked spa treatments to the value of €100 or more per person can enjoy complimentary use of the hydrotherapy suite.

* Use of the Hydrotherapy Suite is subject to availability and pre-booking is required.

Exotic Steam Temple

Exotic Steam Temple €50 for one, €70 for two, €90 for three, €104 for four

A traditional Arabian cleansing ritual under a thousand stars to exfoliate, detox and hydrate your skin. Begin with a salt scrub before applying a selection of different coloured therapeutic muds to specific areas of your body. Sit back relax and enjoy the aromas while cleansing your respiratory system and detoxing your body. The ritual culminates under a tropical rain shower to wash away the mud and all your stresses. Finish your experience with a sublime body moisturiser. Lovely to enjoy with a few friends or as a couple.

(Pre-booking is required for the exotic steam temple, with an additional charge to the hydrotherapy suite)